Monetize user interactions, make your content valuable

MedioPay helps content creators and publishing companies to overcome the subscription and advertising crisis.

Engage your audience…

…and earn money by adding a Tip button and one-click paywalls to your content.

Try out our Micropayment Plugin for WordPress.

Zero fees

Through the use of blockchain technology – Bitcoin (BSV) – microtransactions become feasible. Fees of our applications are zero or close to zero – this allows for new ways of monetizing journalistic products.

Incentivise your audience

Utilize network effects – readers become involved in the monetization process; they are rewarded for the value, which is created through their intercations.

User friendliness

Payments go directly to your wallet, we do not hold any funds. No third party registration is needed for you or your audience. Paywall management with second editor field or shortcode.

Analytics included

Payments contain metainformation, allowing to track and analyse the performance of your content.


Login-free, 1-click micropayments


MedioPay allows to integrate login-free, 1-click micropayments on websites – enabling the monetization of content such as articles, pictures, audio and video. Our application is easy to use and allows your audience to participate in the success of your content by sharing a referral link. Through the usage of blockchain technology, transactions are processed in a matter of seconds and transaction fees are virtually non-existent. Charging your readers small amounts of money (even just a few cents) has never been so easy.

This website contains a short demo of MedioPay’s features, intended to give a high-level overview. Publishers can integrate these features into their websites in virtually unlimited ways.

If you want a brief technical introduction and need funds to start exploring micropayments, go to our MoneyButton site. We will be happy to provide you with initial funding.

If you already have a funded MoneyButton wallet, you can directly try out the Paywall or visit the most valuable blog posts on the internet.

To learn more about our vision, you can read our (German) blog post on why publishing companies need atomic transaction, and on what kind of monetization models we see enabled by blockchain technology.


Technical Lead

Christoph Bergmann

Historian and economic journalist, rewarded Bitcoin blogger (comdirectFinanzblog-Awards)

Christoph heads since the middle of 2013. Even after 6 years, his excitement for cryptocurrencies continues to run high. Recently, he was awarded the .comdirect finanzblog award for his work.

Business Development

Nicholas Nikol

Book publisher, previously investment banker in the media industry

Nicholas worked in investment banking with focus on media companies and publishers for multiple years. Since then, he founded and heads his own book publishing company. He follows the developments around cryptocurrencies since 2014.