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MedioPay | About

About MedioPay

Micropayments made simple


MedioPay develops micropayment solutions for the media industry. Our blockchain-based system facilitates payments of small amounts for online content and services.


Traditional payment systems, especially debit and credit cards, are not compatible with micropayments, due to high fees for transactions. Through blockchain technology, our system has virtually no transaction fees, creating an opportunity for media companies. At the same time, blockchain technology enables us to create much more sophisticated payment schemes, which allow to include the reader in chains of payments with every user interaction.


We are building a much-needed monetization system for publishers to overcome the subscription and advertising crisis. Publishers can now charge a few cents or even less for their content – whether it is an online article, a video, a complementing graphic, or a music track.


MedioPay is a cooperation of two publishing companies: Impian (Hamburg) and MOBY (Ulm).