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What is Bitcoin SV (BSV)

Bitcoin SV (BSV) is a cryptocurrency. It is a fork of Bitcoin (BTC) which claims to be the original version of Bitcoin. Unlike other versions of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, BSV allows large amounts of nearly feeless transactions and to add data to transactions. With MoneyButton, BSV has a unique tool to integrate micropayments on websites – like MedioPay does with its first WordPress Plugin.

To pay for a paywall or to tip your favorite blogger you simply need to register with Once done, you may get your initial funding here.



Get an initial Bitcoin SV funding

We made it as easy as possible to get your first Bitcoin SV (BSV). Just two steps:
  1. Login to your MoneyButton account, if you are not.
  2. Authentificate with the MoneyButton account to get instantly 50 cent in your MoneyButton account: Push this button and the magic will begin!

Sorry – the Faucet is currently not active. We will reactivate it soon.

Get free BSV

Now the future can begin – you can be part of a revolution of payment for contents.


Get more BSV

Buy BSV with Credit Card from our partner Coinify directly on our site for up to 100 Euro. After you made your payment, delivery will need about one hour. But we will fund your MoneyButton with 1,00 Euro immediately after you finished the payment.

Authentificate with MoneyButton to start the purchase.