MedioPay 1.9: Shutdown the Paywalls!

MedioPay 1.9: Shutdown the Paywalls!

The new release 1.9 of MedioPay is here. It integrates a few new features. A main focus is to allow bloggers to make it easier for readers to shutdown the paywalls under certain conditions.

MedioPay 1.9 is the product of a few weeks of work. It has a lot of new features which we developed after being in talks with several publishers using MedioPay. Previous releases are version 1.8, which reactivated our faucet, and version 1.7, which allowed to set a second receiver for the payments and introduced tipping-buttons anywhere in the post.

Adjusting text size in the paywall field

The text size in the paywall field will adjust to the number of characters you put in. Until now it was always large sized, which made it ugly to add longer texts. Now the text size shrinks when you put in longer texts. This allows you to write longer texts in the field. Explain your readers why they should pay you and how it works.

Pay what you want mode

It‘s hard to calculate how much people are willing to pay for a blog. 2 cent? 50 cent? 1 Dollar? Some people love to pay a lot for their favorite blogger – other complain when they must pay more than a few cent.

If you activate „paywhatyouwant“-mode, people can just decide for themselves how much they pay. This is an experiment. It might increase your income, or decrease it, who knows, and it will educate you how much your readers are willing to pay. The field contains a default amount, which is equal to the amount you have set, either in your options, or directly in the paywall.

In your MedioPay-options you can now activate the “Pay what you want” mode.

It will also match very nice with a feature we introduced in this version. You will find out more below.

Shutting down the paywall

Everyone agrees that paywalls are needed. But this doesn‘t mean that the problems paywall introduce are going away.

If you are an author, you want to be read. If you start a blog, you want to grow a readership. A paywall contradicts these goals: You might earn more by your readers, but the number of people reading your posts will go down.

To combat this problem we introduce two new features.

Better Begging for Tips

Most people are willing to support a good blog. But usually they are too lazy to do. Experience on all fields show that begging more aggressively works.

If a street artist just puts his hat on the ground, only a few people tip him. If he loudly asks them to tip, more people tip. On a free festival for artists the opener spent five minutes to explain people how important it is to tip and what amount of money they should tip. People tipped a lot.

With MedioPay version 1.9 you can transform this concept to the digital space. Place a tipping-field anywhere in your text with the tipme-shortcode and add the attribute hidebehind=“yes“ Now the content behind the tipping field will be hidden. Readers can either give a tip or click a button to show it. The shortcode looks like this:

Instead of just skipping the tipping-field they will have to decide to not support the author. Note that the plugin assumes your blog uses standard class declaration in wordpress. If you have a site builder which doesn’t follow it, it might fail to work. In this case please notifiy us and we will add your site’s class declaration to a list.

You can test it straight here:

Give us a tip for our work, because we deserved it. If you don't think so, you can just click on 'pay later' and read the rest of the blog.
How much do you want to tip?

1 Tips (0.05 EUR)    ¢ 20% revenue share
Don't know how to pay? Learn and get free BSV!

Threshold and sponsors

You can set a threshold amount for your posts. If you have earned this amount of money, the paywall will be shut down permanently and for everybody. Let‘s say, you want to earn 50 Dollar with a post and demand a price of 50 Cent. If 100 people paid it, the rest of the world can read it for free.

A bar at the paywall shows how much is left to shutdown the wall. It counts both income by the paywall as well as by tips. So a reader who likes your article very much can decide to sponsor it by tipping you. If you have no fixed amount for tips, you can reach your threshold with a very few readers. This allows to transform your readers into sponsors: They pay you to make your message free for everybody.

This features matches very nice with the „paywhatyouwant“-mode. People can pay what they want to shutdown the paywall.

The last payer, the one who turns down the paywall, become the sponsor. His paymail name is shown as a sponsor to everybody.

Note: This feature is not fully downward-compatible. To activate it on old posts, you have to update them. But the counter will work best for new posts.

Under the hood

The MedioPay plugin is growing rapidly. We constantly add new functions and improve existing ones. This also brings a growing technical depth. To fight it, we often rebuild parts of the software. With this update we completely rebuilt some core functionalities. As a user you will not be affected of this – except that it loads much faster.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to write a comment here, write to, join our telegram channel or give us a shout on twitter.

MedioPay is a the most popular cryptocurrency paywall plugin for wordpress. After five month in existence, it already achieved more than any other tool. It provides a large scope of options to design your content economy, be it paywalls or tipping buttons, and integrates publishing with payment streams which incentivice early buyers and allow your readers to earn by sharing your post with an affiliate link.

Install the plugin from the official WordPress directory.

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