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MedioPay | Technology

The technology powering our applications



We utilize blockchain technology, which functions as a distributed asset ledger that keeps a permanent track of every processed transaction on its decentralized network on a time-stamped basis.

A blockchain is a highly secure system, as nothing recorded on it can be amended. Through its decentralized architecture, the need for a trusted party in the network is removed.

Bitcoin SV

We use the Bitcoin SV blockchain, a scalable and secure system. It allows for nearly instant transactions for virtually no fees. Bitcoin SV is focused on sophisticated Micropayments, leveraging onchain data transfers and new social media models.

Our approach

We don’t intend to create an own blockchain. We don’t intend to create a wallet for an existing blockchain or a payment infrastructure either. We exclusively focus on creating micropayment solutions tailored for publishers. That’s why we build on an existing infrastructure, which allows us to just do what we intend to do.