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MedioPay | What is MedioPay?

Publisher Guide

What is MedioPay?


MedioPay allows to integrate login-free, 1-click micropayments on websites – enabling the monetization of content such as articles, pictures, audio and video. It is convenient to use for your readers and allows them to participate in the success of your content by sharing a referral link. By using blockchain technology, transactions are processed in a matter of seconds and transaction fees are virtually non-existent. Charging your readers small amounts of money (even just a few cents) has never been so easy.

Our paywall makes monetizing content simple.

Your readers can participate in the future success of your content. This increases reader engagement and creates a win-win situation for you and your readers.

You may also set up a tipping-button and ask for a voluntary payment of any amount from your readers.


To learn more about our vision, please read our (German) blog post on why publishing companies need atomic transactions, and on what kind of monetization models we see enabled by blockchain technology.